Renew Vaginal Moisturizer in 4oz

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Remember those tv commercials where women whispered shamefully to each other about (gasp!) ‘personal dryness’? We do, and we’d like to say that they were ridiculous! A little vaginal dryness happens to all of us at one time or another, and it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. When it happens, JO has your hydration needs covered with a silky, ultra moisturizing cream that instantly banishes dryness-related discomfort.

Formulated specifically to replenish moisture to delicate vaginal tissue, you’ll just need to internally apply the smooth Vitamin E enriched cream with a finger (wash your hands first please!) and go on about your day. Re-apply as often as needed.


  • Size: 4 oz
  • Special Features: Enriched with Vitamin E


SKU: SJ-440735
UPC: 796494440735
MSRP: $29.99



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