Anal Fantasy Anal Eaze Insertz Applicators 3 Pack

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Presenting an incredibly quick, mess free way to prepare for anal fun, the Anal Eaze Insertz kit contains three fantastically portable sample size tubes of water based, discomfort-eliminating bliss designed for the most perfect placement.

An extra long applicator tip stemming from the simple squeeze bottle opens with a (resealable) twist top cap, simply insert into the rectum to ensure an even coating of Eaze. This gentle cream subtly desensitizes the anal area, allowing for greater relaxation of backdoor muscles and a more comfortable experience overall. Condom safe.

Package contains 3 pre-filled Insertz applicators holding .34oz (10ml) of Anal Eaze.


  • Size: 0.34 oz
  • Special Features: Anal Lube

UPC Code: 603912333480
SKU: PD-4677-02



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